Ringwood Concept Plans

The Clients:

Mature couple re-locating from a large Country property to inner city investment property to be closer to family.

The existing House:

Single storey two bedroom brick veneer unit located on a mild sloping site.

The Brief:

To add a new master bedroom with en suite, a study and a guest bedroom for visiting grandchildren. Clients also wanted a new open plan kitchen, dining and living area.

The Constraints:

Adjoining units- shared a common wall and garage.

Small elevated block

Supa Group Recommendation

A second storey extension was the ideal choice for maximising square footage on the small block. Careful consideration to Council requirements and regulations ensured the design complied and did not adversely affect the neighbours.

The Design Proposal

The new second storey addition comprised of a large master bedroom with en suite, BIR and a study. The ground floor bedroom 2 was the most ideal location for staircase allowing to convert the extra space into a laundry. The right side of floor plan was reconfigured to create a larger open plan kitchen, dining and living area.

The resulting upper floor design encapsulates views to a reserve from the master bedrooms large wide windows and the room easily accommodates the couples King Size bed.

The design of the upper is aesthetically more pleasing as it nestles into the existing roof making for a more balanced, proportional and seamless extension.

Designer’s Tips

1.As a rule of thumb, the location of the staircase on the ground floor will dictate the layout of the upper floor.

2.The less you make changes to existing wet area the more cost effective it is. Keeping the wet areas closer together is better for hot water service supply

3.The first floor addition was built in this instance away from the boundary to avoid additional costs of having to build fire rated walls and ultimately avoids potential damage to neighbours adjoining property. 

A virtual 3D look at a proposed second storey extension