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3AW The Big House with Darren James

Our very own Andrea Corso was special guest on 3AW’s Big House with Darren James.

After a general discussion with Darren on the cost savings associated with staying on a property that you already own ( agents fees, stamp duty, relocation costs) and the Supa Group process, Andrea fielded calls from the listeners on diverse topics:

Alan from Ringwood wanted to excavate under his existinghome to create a man cave and cellar- great idea but let’s hope he doesn’t undermine the foundations!

Andrea explained the importance of transfering the load to the external walls and having proper engineering.

Kevin from Camberwell had a question on a council planning issue. Andrea discussed the extensive work load that councils are under as to the time delays that people encounter.

There were other questions on matching mortar with new brickwork and existing, relocating kitchen cabinetry from a house that was being demolished, and extending a home with special consideration to disabled access.

Darren James and Supa Group Director Andrea Corso

They finished the show with a great tag line – “Don’t give the state government money – put it into your house!”