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What To Expect During Your Supa Group Constructions Design Consultation

The first step in every professional home improvement project is the design consultation. This is where creative ideas are formed and expectations are communicated to ensure a smooth-running project.

The design process is particularly exciting because you get to actively engage with our experts on what you’d like your home to look like and how it can be achieved. Here’s what you can expect during your design consultation with Supa Group Constructions.

  • The first meeting

Once you’ve contacted our office, our client liaison officer will discuss the broad details of what it is that you are wanting to achieve from your home extension. Basic details will be taken down and then one of our consultants will contact you to schedule a meeting.

It’s during this meeting that the design consultant will obtain a detailed brief of what you’d like to do to extend and improve your home. They will make recommendations based on your brief – clearly communicating all your options, council requirements and any relevant restrictions. All these factors will inform the proposed budget and timeframes so that you know what you can expect from us.

At the end of the initial meeting you will have a good understanding of the broad concept of what is proposed and a rough estimate of the cost of those works. Sometimes an estimate is not practical before a better understanding of the existing conditions or the full extent of the proposed works are known.

If there is a consensus reached regarding the broad scope of works and budget requirements, the design consultant will return to measure up your property so that the existing conditions are documented accurately.

The design consultant will then work with our in-house drafting staff to design your house extension customised based on your requirements.

  • A 3D presentation

At the next meeting, we’ll present a compilation of 3D concepts so that you can see what the completed extension will look like. This is one of the lengthier steps in the design process, as we dedicate our efforts towards presenting the whole picture in a way that’s clear and accurate. This step may go through several iterations to ensure the concept is what the client is after.

Often clients will attend our offices and view 3D images on our large screen where changes and suggestions can be added before your very eyes!

  • Cost Estimate

Once the concept plans are approved the project can then go to our estimating department to establish the cost to you of the proposal.

  • The order of engagement

If you’re happy with the concept and the cost, the next step is to sign an order of engagement. The order of engagement is essentially an authority for Supa Group to progress the concepts towards the building contract. Upon signing the order the client also pays an initial deposit which is used to prepare all the documentation necessary to create the building contract.

  • Drawings and contracts

The most crucial documentation – the working drawings, engineering and contract documentation – will be presented, reviewed and signed. These documents set out the legal relationship between client and builder and is required under law for any building works that have a cost greater than $16,000 including GST.

  • Building commences

Once all parties are clear on what’s expected, we’re good to go. Construction begins, and we make your dreams a reality.

The design process is one of the most exciting parts of a renovation. Click here to book a free design consultation with Supa Group Constructions!