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What You Should Check During The Pre-Handover Inspection

Before you move into your newly renovated home, you will need to perform a pre-handover inspection. This is a walk through with your Supervisor and the Building Manager to ensure that the house extension meets your expectations, and that all applicable regulations and quality standards are complied with.

The pre-inspection handover differs from the mandatory inspections that are performed by the building surveyor.

The pre handover inspection focuses more on the quality of the work performed by the builder, and that everything is in accordance with the plans and specifications. You will be given notice of when the handover is to occur, and it is conducted with your Building Supervisor and Building Manager.

  • What is covered during pre-inspection handover

The contract documents between client and builder contain essential details like specifications and schedules of finishes. These details need to be checked thoroughly for satisfactory completion during the pre-inspection handover.

The pre-handover inspection involves a careful examination of the entire project, checking the operation of doors and windows, plumbing, electrical and drainage. A checklist is used to ensure all relevant matters are covered off.

If there are items that require attention, a list is prepared and agreed upon so that prior to the works being completed, these items will have been addressed.

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