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Make more room for the family with an upstairs bathroom

With a growing family and a house that simply won’t accommodate everyone’s needs anymore, you need to make changes — which is where Supa Group comes in. We have the expertise and understanding of how to blend a second story extension or renovation into your existing home. Up until the ’90s, many suburban homes only had a single bathroom. When you’re updating and redesigning your home, adding an upstairs bathroom to the 2nd storey can deliver real value. Whether you want to add an additional bathroom or upgrade your master bedroom to have an en suite, an experienced designer will be able to add lots of additional value with an upstairs bathroom.

Bathrooms are the hub of the home — especially in the mornings when everyone needs their own time to get ready for the day. If you have a two-storey home but do not have a bathroom upstairs, it can be a game-changer to install a second bathroom on the upper level. By including a second storey bathroom as a part of a full upstairs renovation, you can change how the family functions.

If you are curious about whether an upstairs bathroom is an option for you, or are wondering how the configuration of your home might work with an upstairs bathroom in place, book a free design consultation with our experts. Get in touch with us today and make more room for your growing family with a full second storey extension from Supa Group. With over 40 years’ experience working with homeowners across Melbourne, we are trusted to deliver a high-quality result that you will love.

Key features of upstairs bathrooms

An upstairs bathroom will increase the liveability of your home and give you more room in the mornings to get on with the day. A second storey bathroom means no more waiting for the shower and more time to relax in the tub without interruption!

Add value to your home

A second or third bathroom in a home is a hugely attractive feature for anyone with a family who is looking for their dream home. By investing in an upstairs bathroom you are increasing any future resale value for your home.

Increase liveability

A key reason for investing in an upstairs bathroom is to ensure you can get on with the morning without having to wait for showers or bathroom time.

Minimal disruption

A second storey bathroom can be built in your home with minimal disruption, ensuring you can get on with your lives while your new bathroom is being built.

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About Supa Group

Just like our home extensions and renovations, Supa Group has stood the test of time. We were founded in 1974 by Frank Way, laying a solid groundwork of commitment and service to his staff, subcontractors, and most importantly, his clients — families seeking to remain in the home they know and love.

Now owned and operated by Neil Gardiner, Supa Group’s original commitment has remained the same. Today, our clients are still offered the peace of mind that comes with hiring a builder who takes projects from conception to completion.

Our reputation as a multi-award-winning master builder is built upon a foundation of commitment to quality. We are proud to deliver best possible outcomes for our clients, and we want to do the same for you. Contact us for a free design consultation, and begin building towards the future.

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How long will my second storey bathroom take?

As far as second storey extensions go, every one that we do is going to be slightly different in terms of time estimates. This is because every home is different and we custom build your bathroom to suit your home.

We will go through timeframes and will discuss every aspect of your bathroom installation with you as part of a full second storey extension, so that you know exactly how long everything will take. Any timeframe that is decided on will be maintained for your build so you have an end date for construction to be complete.

Is a second storey bathroom extension expensive?

Upstairs bathroom extensions, as part of second storey extensions, are among the more costly type of extensions. The features and fixtures that you can choose — such as tiles, tapware, baths, showers and fittings — will all have an impact on the bottom line.

We can, of course, keep prices as low as possible for you — and we can equally implement as much lavish design as you like! If you provide us with a budget we will work towards it and stick to it for the life of your project.

Can I keep living in my home while my bathroom is being built?

Potentially. You home needs to be liveable for the duration of the build. This means that you need access to bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping facilities. A bathroom installation in a second storey extension is going to potentially be disruptive to family life. We will discuss this all with your prior to the build so you know what to expect at every stage.

Can I have input into the design process?

We love getting your input. It is just one more way we work towards you being 100% satisfied with the end result. We will get your input in the initial design stage and get you to choose things like tapware, showers, tiles, colours and design features. Or, leave it up to us and we can present you with options. The choice is yours.

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What our customers are saying

Andrew and Mark of Yarraville

Despite all the stories you hear about how difficult building can be it was a fairly painless process thanks to the professionalism of the Supa Group team and the quality of their people. We even lived in the house throughout the process.

David and Joanne of Clifton Hill

I thoroughly recommend Supa Group as their customer first policy and workmanship has been of the highest quality

Chris and Michelle of Camberwell

What was really impressive was that the building works were completed in an incredible 6 weeks!!!!

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