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Why you can’t leave it to December 2020 to qualify

In order to understand why you can’t leave it to December to qualify for the Federal Governments $25,000 Home Builder Grant, perhaps we need to work backwards.

SG Timeline

The signing off of the building contract is the easy bit – there’s a lot of work that needs to go into designing and planning an extension, and preparing the building contract.

A building contract is an incredibly important document – it sets out the basis of the relationship between a builder and the client. Included in the contract is a number of other documents including working drawings, engineering drawings, specifications and various other documents. These documents take time to be drawn up accurately, and have to be checked and double checked at every step of the way.

Prior to any of this, as a design and build company, Supa Group prepare concept plans and the cost of the build is calculated based on these concepts.

From the time that you make the decision to call any builder to the concept plans and costing being completed can take anywhere from six to eight weeks. Minimum. Sometimes it can take months. This depends on many things but significantly the size of the project, how clear the client is on what it is that they want to achieve and planning constraints have an impact on the time taken.

At the date of writing this, it is late July, so if you contact Supa Group in early August, the concept drawings and costing could feasibly be completed by late September. When this is complete we ask you to sign an Order of Engagement and pay a deposit. The Order of Engagement is not a building contact and as such is not a binding agreement, but it does contain an authority for Supa Group to use the deposit paid to develop the concept to a building contract, including the various documents referred to above.

Once the Order of Engagement and deposit are in place we then proceed to a detailed site measure of the existing home and conditions by a qualified draftsman. A soil test is also conducted to assist in the engineering drawings.

The minimum time that it takes to convert the concept drawings to the completed building contract with constituent plans and documents is approximately ten weeks. In the mean-time the client needs to get their own finances organised as a condition of the building contract.

So here we are in late July, the concepts plans and building contract could be ready by late November, early December if you start NOW. But leave it much longer and it will be too late to qualify.

If your project has to have any planning input or dispensations from your local council, the three month start date from the date of signing a contract will be difficult to achieve, however the State Government have stated that they will, in certain circumstances, extend the time.

Government Grant

Here is a link to the Home Builder Grant webpage so you can test your own eligibility:


You should review your own personal circumstances to see if you qualify. Contact us if you want a better explanation of the timelines, or have any other queries regarding extending your home.

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