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What happens first?

Once you call or email us with an enquiry about a home extension, one of our experienced Design Consultants will make an appointment to meet you at your home to discuss your requirements, design and budget.

Our Design Consultants are experienced at understanding the planning requirements and constraints unique to your property.

Following your consultation a 3D Conceptual Design may be prepared showing your existing home and the proposed new extension. A detailed cost estimate will then be prepared and presented for your approval.

Do we need our own drawings?

No. Supa Group will design the extension and as part of this process your Design Consultant can incorporate any specific ideas that you may have into the design, so your input is encouraged. With our 3D Conceptual Design program plus the vast experience of our Design Consultants and qualified drafts people, we will design your home extension to your specific, individual needs, and budget.

How long does a project take on average?

One of the many benefits of engaging an experienced builder like Supa Group to build your home extension is that we understand, on average, the length of time any project will take from start to finish.

There are three distinctive phases that occur when you work with Supa Group- the Design phase, the contract preparation phase and the build phase.

What’s the Design Phase?

The Design phase involves our clients working with our Design Consultants. A concept is prepared and presented to you for consideration. This may take a few revisions after feedback is received from you as to any suggested amendments. Our costing department will then prepare a detailed costing of the project that will determine the ultimate price of your extension. When an agreement is reached on the concept design and the cost, an initial Order of Engagement is prepared and a deposit is paid.

The Order of Engagement is an agreement that allows us to spend money on your behalf to progress your project to the Contract preparation phase.
Depending on how quickly an agreement is reached, this phase can take between six to twelve weeks.

What’s the Contract Preparation Phase?

The Contract preparation phase involves taking the concept design to a point where the project is ready for construction. Supa Group use the deposit that you have paid to arrange a soil test, get working drawings prepared, engineering, energy assessments etc. We use this information to confirm the quote and prepare the building contract.

If your project does not require town planning, this phase can take approximately six weeks.

If town planning is involved then the timing is in the hands of the relevant council and may take between four and six months depending on the planning constraints.

What’s the Build Phase?

The Build phase involves the actual construction of your home, and depending on the complexity of the project typically takes between five and seven months.

All of Supa Group’s building contracts have a fixed price and fixed completion time which is written into the contract. The fixed completion time commences once the Building Permit is obtained.

Does Supa Group handle everything?

We have an experienced team at our office who will look after all aspects of your project from the very beginning through to the conclusion and obtaining the Certificate of Final Inspection from the Building Surveyor. This includes preparing your design; carrying out all preliminary works to get your project to site including engineering, soil reports and energy assessments; obtaining a building permit; carrying out all aspects of the construction; as well as obtaining all relevant approvals including a certificate of final inspection.

Supa Group have a great team in the office as well as long-term and highly regarded relationships with external professional service providers and trades to ensure that you are fully looked after during the entire period of your dealings with the company.

Can we do some of the work ourselves?

This is entirely up to you. A number of our clients will chose to engage their own contractors for a certain aspects of the job (i.e. an electrician or a plumber) and we will happily work in conjunction with our client’s trades as long as all relevant Occupational Health and Safety and insurance requirements are met by the trades in those circumstances.

Supa Group have all the trades necessary to complete your project. One of the many benefits of using Supa Group is that we have dedicated trades which assists us in building projects to a high standard within a given period of time.

If we are to use your trades they need to be available when required so the progress of your project is not jeopardised.

Will we have to move out?

The main determinant of this is whether the client has access to bathroom and toileting facilities. Most of our clients chose to live in their homes during the entire construction process. A few chose to move out for a short period and a very small number will move out for the duration of the project.

When clients chose to remain in the home, our Building Department will work closely with them to schedule the building works to ensure access to bathrooms etc. at all relevant times. You will also be inducted to our Occupational Health and Safety requirements to ensure your safety on site during the construction process.

This has to be assessed depending on the individual circumstances and can be discussed with the building team.

What areas do you build in?

We service the greater Melbourne area including the Mornington Peninsula. We have Design Consultants, building staff and trades located throughout the Melbourne area to cover projects in your location.

Who will look after the construction of our extension?

Supa Group has a dedicated Building Department with fully qualified building staff. A specific Building Supervisor will be assigned to your project and he will see your project through on a day-to-day basis from pre-commencement right through to completion. The Building Supervisor will work in conjunction with our senior Managers will also regularly check the progress of your extension to ensure that the quality that all our clients expect is achieved and that the project is completed on time.

What type of Building Contract do you use?

Supa Group is a long established member of the Housing Industry Association, and we use their standard Victorian Alterations, Additions and Renovations Contract.

Within that document the terms of the agreement are formalised between Supa Group and the client.

This includes a description of the various stages throughout the build and the progress payments relating to those stages.

What are the different Construction Stages?

Our website contains photographic examples of the various stages. The Construction stages represents logical sequence that needs to occur in order to build your extension.

It includes the Initial Deposit, Demolition, Base Stage, Frame Stage, Fix Stage and Completion.

There may be slight alterations to these stages due to the type of project, for example, if your extension is a second storey extension there may be separate stages for the lock-up and plaster.

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