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Discover the right upstairs living room extension to suit your home

A second storey living room extension is a wonderful way to give your family a relaxed space to enjoy while still making the most of your extension. Whether you are looking to build a couple of bedrooms in your upstairs extension and want to add a living room as well, or are looking to add just the single living room, we can work out the floor plan to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

When you meet with us for your free design consultation we will go through the existing layout of your home and identify where we might be able to repurpose rooms or space. After all, while you may love your living room where it is, you may find that a living room extension on the upper level of your home frees up space downstairs for a larger kitchen, dining room, or entertainment space.

Working with our team means complete access to our expert designers, but also creative control over the outcome. We will discuss what you are hoping to achieve with your renovation and will ensure that your design meets your exacting specifications.

Upstairs Living Room

Looking to give your family some more room to relax in enjoy? Upstairs living rooms are a wonderful way to create a more secluded space for family and loved ones to gather and hang out — away from the traffic of the home. This new design concept of upstairs living rooms is gaining traction in homes where owners are looking to give more space to relaxation, study, reading, media or whatever takes your fancy.

A relaxed space

Clients who are looking to create a new space for relaxing are loving the idea of an upstairs living room. There is something undeniably cosy about having a living room upstairs - away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and dining room - where you can be free to just chill out in your pyjamas and binge-watch a series, or enjoy a lazy rainy Sunday reading and relaxing.

More room for the things you love

Upstairs living spaces can be multi-purpose, and if you are looking for a home office space that can be transformed into a movie den, or a rumpus room for the kids, you might want to consider an upstairs living room. We love working out what might work best for your home and them making it happen for you.

A unique use of space

Got an extension in mind and looking to maximise the space? An entire second storey renovation and extension is a wonderful way to make this happen – and if you implement a living room into the extension you can transform another part of your home. Perhaps you could move the living room upstairs, and use an existing ground floor living room as a new entertainment space flowing into your outdoor area. The options are endless!

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About Supa Group

Just like our home extensions and renovations, Supa Group has stood the test of time. We were founded in 1974 by Frank Way, laying a solid groundwork of commitment and service to his staff, subcontractors, and most importantly, his clients — families seeking to remain in the home they know and love.

Now owned and operated by Neil Gardiner, Supa Group’s original commitment has remained the same. Today, our clients are still offered the peace of mind that comes with hiring a builder who takes projects from conception to completion.

Our reputation as a multi-award-winning master builder is built upon a foundation of commitment to quality. We are proud to deliver best possible outcomes for our clients, and we want to do the same for you. Contact us for a free design consultation, and begin building towards the future.

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How long will my living room extension take?

One of the first things that we do is meet with you to discuss exactly what you are hoping to achieve. In this meeting, we will get a good idea of what you have in mind, which will give us the capacity to give you an accurate quote on your upcoming build.

As part of your quote, we will also gauge your timeframe for your build and let you know what to expect in terms of how long your extension will take. We stick to our quotes and will ensure you are always in the loop with your build so you know where you stand.

Can I have creative input into the design?

Absolutely. We love incorporating your design and style into your build and will actively seek your input for your upcoming living room extension design and development stage.

Got a certain colour palette in mind? Want to incorporate a sunken conversation pit, or get a purpose-built media area incorporated into the design? We are here to make your dreams come true – so just let us know what you are looking for in your free initial design consultation!

What kind of planning approval is needed for a second storey living room?

With every build, there are certain types of planning approval needed. With interior extensions, the building requirements might not be as stringent as some other types of builds, but we will certainly need to go through the necessary approvals. We won’t know what these are until we speak to you about your job — so get in touch today and take the vital first step to transform your upstairs living space into your relaxation den!

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What our customers are saying

Andrew and Mark of Yarraville

Despite all the stories you hear about how difficult building can be it was a fairly painless process thanks to the professionalism of the Supa Group team and the quality of their people. We even lived in the house throughout the process.

David and Joanne of Clifton Hill

I thoroughly recommend Supa Group as their customer first policy and workmanship has been of the highest quality

Chris and Michelle of Camberwell

What was really impressive was that the building works were completed in an incredible 6 weeks!!!!

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