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From a single frontage comes huge growth opportunities

Single fronted cottages have been a prevalent architectural style for Melbourne residential areas for decades. They are low rise, easy to maintain, and present untold growth opportunities for families looking to remain at the same property as they grow.

Single frontage design is usually limited to the Edwardian and Victorian architectural eras. They are typically located in the inner suburbs when land subdivisions, in areas like Fitzroy, Carlton and North Melbourne, were more contained and constructed as workers cottages.

The team at Supa Group is here to help you realise your extension and renovation dreams. We work with single fronted homeowners to redesign and overhaul homes to give the family more space to grow and prosper. Work with our design consultants to discover just how we can help you achieve your dreams.

Key features of single fronted home renovations

When it comes to identifying and renovating features of single fronted homes, there's plenty to choose from.

Varying frontage

Depending on the architectural style of the single fronted home, the frontage may be weatherboard, local red brick, or coloured rendered brick.

Ornate detailing

Single fronted homes take hallmarks from many periods of design. Keep an eye out for classic casement windows, Flemish glass, and stylish cornices.

Awesome Australiana

Nothing speaks to Australian living quite like summer rain on a tin roof. Many single fronted homes may also have small verandas or front courtyards.

Create new spaces for living with a single fronted home renovation in Melbourne

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About Supa Group

Just like our home extensions and renovations, Supa Group has stood the test of time. We were founded in 1974 by Frank Way, laying a solid groundwork of commitment and service to his staff, subcontractors, and most importantly, his clients — families seeking to remain in the home they know and love.

Now owned and operated by Neil Gardiner, Supa Group’s original commitment has remained the same. Today, our clients are still offered the peace of mind that comes with hiring a builder who takes projects from conception to completion.

Our reputation as a multi-award-winning master builder is built upon a foundation of commitment to quality. We are proud to deliver best possible outcomes for our clients, and we want to do the same for you. Contact us for a free design consultation, and begin building towards the future.

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What if my single fronted home has a heritage overlay?

Chances are — if your home was built prior to WWII — that your home falls under a heritage overlay. This means that there are certain elements of the home that you need to retain if you are looking to renovate or extend in the future.

Different city councils around Melbourne have different requirements for adhering to heritage overlays when building or extending. First and foremost, the frontage should usually be preserved in its original condition.

If you are concerned that your older single fronted home falls under a heritage overlay, don’t panic. There are still plenty of opportunities to add space and style to your home while staying within council guidelines. Contact Supa Group for a Free Design Consultation, and let’s begin investigating the options available to you.

What are the phases of a single fronted home extension?

All Supa Group projects follow the same three-phase model:

  1. The Design Phase — here, we work with you to design and plan for your extension, marrying your goals with what’s achievable within your budget.
  2. The Contract Preparation Phase — our team gets to work preparing and submitting all the documentation required between us, yourself, and the local council.
  3. The Build Phase — now we can get to work building your brand new single fronted home extension just as you’ve imagined it. Our work is guaranteed for 10 years after completion.

If you have any questions about the process and how long it takes, contact Supa Group. Our Free Design Consultation will give you an idea of how long the process will take.

Can I live in my home while the renovation takes place?

This largely depends on how much the extension affects your day to day life. To remain living in the home while the renovation progresses, it needs to be habitable. This means that you must have access to bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens — all the necessities of life. If these are affected in the build phase, then you must vacate for the duration.

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What our customers are saying

Brian and Cathy of Fairfield

We were particularly impressed by the job’s completion on time, despite some weather delays.

Chris and Michelle of Camberwell

What was really impressive was that the building works were completed in an incredible 6 weeks!!!!

Dale and Christina of Port Melbourne

We are very happy in our new home and we would like to thank all the staff at supagroup.

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