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Get more space for your family with an upstairs bedroom extension

If you love your home and don’t want to move, but need more space — perhaps with a baby on the way or an elderly parent moving in — you need more bedrooms to house your evolving family. Supa Group is experienced in working with houses of all types and architectural design. As part of a full second storey extension, we can build an upstairs bedroom (or bedrooms) to add immense value to your home.

A second storey extension that incorporates more bedrooms into your home is something that we have done for countless homes across Melbourne. Whether you are thinking of going for a larger second storey extension with the main focus being more bedrooms, or if you are looking to simply add a couple of extra bedrooms to your existing home, we can help with an intelligent, thoughtfully designed extension that your whole family will love.

The best place to start when working with us is to book your free design consultation. Our experienced design team have the skill and understanding to craft stunning home extensions that incorporate every aspect of what you love, within the budget and timeframe you have in mind. Get in touch with our team today and get started on the journey to the home you love sooner.

Key features of second storey bedrooms

More space to house your growing family is what you need, so make sure you work with the builders who will deliver exactly what you want.

Low disruption

Second storey bedroom extensions can be done with minimal disruption, which means you can get on with your day while we add to your home's liveability.

Add value

Adding more space into your home can only be a good thing when it comes to resale value and equity.

Keep the home you love

When you choose to build an extension with Supa Group you are investing in a happier future where you have the home you love without compromise.

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About Supa Group

Just like our home extensions and renovations, Supa Group has stood the test of time. We were founded in 1974 by Frank Way, laying a solid groundwork of commitment and service to his staff, subcontractors, and most importantly, his clients — families seeking to remain in the home they know and love.

Now owned and operated by Neil Gardiner, Supa Group’s original commitment has remained the same. Today, our clients are still offered the peace of mind that comes with hiring a builder who takes projects from conception to completion.

Our reputation as a multi-award-winning master builder is built upon a foundation of commitment to quality. We are proud to deliver best possible outcomes for our clients, and we want to do the same for you. Contact us for a free design consultation, and begin building towards the future.

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How long will my extension take?

We engage in a design consultation with every new client. You will know how long your home extension is going to take from the start. Our Supa Group designers project and forecast the time it will take to build a full second storey extension. Book your free design consultation today and we can go through exactly how long your bedroom extensions will take.

Can we stay in our home while the bedrooms are being built?

We work around you as much as possible because we understand that a home extension is, by its very nature, disruptive. This timeframe is included in the building contract.

Second storey bedroom extensions generally require us to work on the outside of your home quite a bit — but every build is different. It is best to speak to our team to find out more about the process. You may be able to remain in your home for most (if not all) of the time that your extension is taking place.

How much is my second storey bedroom extension going to cost?

We cannot fix a price on a second storey extension without quoting on the job properly, as every home is different and every extension is therefore different. But you can be assured that once we have fixed upon a price after working out the entire cost schedule, this will remain as set. The only way the price will change is if you decide to make adjustments to the build throughout the process – in which case we will consult with you about this and ensure you know the price as things process.

Why choose Supa Group

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What our customers are saying

Andrew and Mark of Yarraville

Despite all the stories you hear about how difficult building can be it was a fairly painless process thanks to the professionalism of the Supa Group team and the quality of their people. We even lived in the house throughout the process.

Howard Maher of North Balwyn

Supagroup completed a second story extension on our 1930’s deco house. The team, my wife and I worked  hard to design an ambitious addition to work in contrast with the existing building. The outcome is simply stunning and was completed in a timely fashion and to budget. Read full review here.

John and Grazie of Box Hill North

The works commenced in November and as promised the second storey was at lock up well before Christmas.

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