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5 Questions To Ask Your Home Extension Builder

Eager to get going on your building extension? Take some time to make sure you choose the right builder first. Making the wrong choice in a home extension builder can easily turn your renovation dreams into a nightmare. The best way to ensure you secure the services of a professional construction contractor is conducting a thorough screening process. This should include asking a few relevant questions that relate to their communication policy, experience and references as well as finding out if they are insured and licensed.


What to ask your home extension builder


How do you avoid common construction headaches when renovating your home such as constant delays, unsatisfactory work and budget overspend? Your selection process on deciding the best home builder is key. Include these 5 essential questions when interviewing a home extension builder for your next project.


  1. What’s your experience relating to home extension projects?

Together with experience, how well-established a contractor is, is a key indicator of their suitability. An experienced building contractor should be able to provide examples of previous work completed as well as references and customer testimonials.


  1. Are you licensed and insured?

Your builder should be registered and insured. It is illegal for them to complete work on your project if they aren’t which will lead to numerous headaches for you if you need to insure your home or decide to sell.


  1. Who will be your contact person?

You’ll need to know who can contact for updates and how often you’ll be contacted. Professional contractors should be prepared to provide regular updates on the project throughout the process and have a supervisor accountable to you.


  1. What will the cost be?

Don’t forget to ask about costs that aren’t covered in the quote. Will your contract be a fixed price build or a cost plus contract. Understand how the stage payments work.


  1. How long will my extension project take?

When undertaking building construction be prepared for there to be delays due to the unreliability of weather and suppliers. A good contractor should provide you with a reasonable timeframe that you’re comfortable with.


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