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A School Project

Supa Group was delighted to receive an unexpected letter from some local primary school students who were doing a project on Construction and Design, and required some questions answered. Our own ever affable director Neil Gardiner was more than happy to oblige them.

Letter received 16th September 2015

Hey we are students from St Anne’s primary school East Kew  and we are learning about construction and design. We would like to ask you some questions.


1. What are the stages of building a house?

2. Do you think old or modern houses are better?

3. Who is the founder of your business?

4. Have you built any famous buildings?


Cheers. From Emma and Kristen




Reply sent 17th September 2015

Hi there Emma & Kristen


Thank you for your note on your school project. I am happy to help.

Here are some answers to your questions:


1.       What are the stages of building a house?


Have a look at our website case studies – there is a page that we have recently created that goes through the various stages.



2.       Do you think old or modern houses are better?


I think this is partly a matter of taste – some people like everything new, but I am old myself, and personally, I like old houses.

New houses are built to current standards of energy efficiency (like insulation) and have more recent building practices such as waterproofing to wet areas like bathrooms.

Old houses generally had better quality materials and often it is a waste of resources to demolish these buildings.

Old houses have character and are the keepers of the memories of the families that lived in them.

Old houses fit into a familiar streetscape that people enjoy and often have mature gardens that are good for everyone.

New houses have more built in storage and possibly theatre rooms.


3.       Who is the founder of your business?


Supa Group was established in 1974 by Frank William Way. Frank is an interesting character and is now 78 years young.

Frank lives in Canterbury, not far from your school in Kew. He is now retired but still comes to visit us from time to time.


4.       Have you built any famous buildings?


They may not be famous like the Sydney Opera House or Buckingham Palace, but the extensions that we build are famous to the families that live in them.

After we finish a job the families often write in to thank us for the work that we have done.

Our website contains copies of some of these testimonials – https://www.supagroup.com.au/about-us/testimonials/


Being a builder is a very satisfying occupation, you can make a real difference to people’s lives.

Good luck with your assignment. I’d like to see a copy when you’ve finished.


Kind Regards

Neil Gardiner

Managing Director