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A Study In Hampton

Something different….

An ode to the Mighty Quinn family

Of Hampton….

A Study in Hampton is where we begin

Between Brighton and Sandringham and close to the sea.

With cafes and boutiques, a lifestyle supreme,

This suburb is home to a family called ‘Quinn’


With three young children and a couple of cats

Nine years and no bath, the mum said “Enough!”

More Space! More Space! Was the unison cry,

A second storey extension was where it was at.


Supa Group was the choice, the Quinn’s had no doubt

From Concept to Completion, they handled the lot

Such impeccable reviews, they felt reassured

A great Design with two baths; and no need to move out.


A garden to keep the family rejoice

This little brick house was in for a treat

A second storey extension with bedrooms and more

Sparkling new fittings and fixtures; mum’s choice of course.


Demolition begins and we’re on our way

Wood and materials delivered; roof tiles removed.

Green tarp like a halo and a sign out the front,

A first floor addition; or F.F.A as Neil would say.

Working our way up and frame stage complete;

The Quinn’s are excited, amazed how quick it has been

With Darren at the helm and his team working wonders,

Four weeks to frame stage; Supa Group had it beat.


Dulux rendered walls in a Cashmere hue

The second storey extension is looking quite grand.

Cottage red tiles, modern French was the choice,

Dune Colourbond gutters, now the roof is brand new

Outside to in, the work does not stop

Plaster, plumbing and tiling, tradesmen a lot

Not a thought about moving no matter the dust

Mum’s pragmatic approach; ‘Sweep, vacuum and mop’

Madam Quinn has a vision about style and décor

Painting and finishes, rooms are transformed

Zoned living like a ‘Haussmann apartment’, that’s what she wants

Open plan living al la Francaise, divided by doors.


This family named Quinn with three children and two cats

Now have their dream home which they love so much more

No amount of praise and respect in a letter of thanks

To all at Supa Group, it doesn’t get better than that!