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Adding a Second Storey Extension

You love your house but the reality is that it’s too small. It was perfect when there was just the two of you, but now your family has grown and you’re experiencing the ‘Big Squeeze’.

Adding a Second Storey Extension just might be what you’re looking for.

With Australia ranked third most unaffordable major housing market in 2015 (according to the 12th Annual Demographic International Housing Affordability Survey), grown up children often cannot afford to leave and are living with their parents for longer. Melbourne and Sydney families are particularly feeling the pinch.

Adding an extension will provide you and your family with more room to move without having to actually move. It’s the obvious go-to solution when you love your home and suburb but need the additional space to live comfortably and cohesively. And it saves you money.

The next step is to decide whether to build a ground floor extension into your existing backyard or to build a 2nd storey extension, by removing the roof and going up!

There are many advantages in building a second floor additions and although most older homes are structurally capable of supporting the second floor, certification from a structural engineer needs to be obtained to determine your homes suitability. Newer homes, particularly if built on waffle pod slabs may not be suitable depending on how the slab was engineered.

Second storey extensions are ideal in maximising square footage on a small block. Building upwards rather than outward avoids excavation costs, removal of trees and allows you to retain your outdoor space.  A well designed second storey extension will add value, look seamless, improve your lifestyle and give you access to great views if they’re at hand.

Do your research. Your first port of call should be your local council. There are many council rules and regulations that have to be factored when designing your second storey extension. It ensures the extension design complies and does not affect adversely your neighbours and their right to enjoy their property.

If you dont know where to start, a Design Consultant from Supa Group will have all the answers.

When designing the new upper floor extension, most home owners will take advantage of adjusting the ground floor layout so that it flows and blends harmoniously with the new spaces created on the upper floor. A second storey extension is ideal for creating specific zoned areas. Most commonly, children’s bedrooms with bathroom and living area is created on the upper floor allowing additional space to the ground floor for a spacious parents retreat.

Over our 40 years we have built over a thousand second floor extensions all over Melbourne, including Balwyn, Kew, Northcote, Ivanhoe and Fairfield.

At Supa Group, with the use of an architectural 3D Computer programme, we allow clients to see how their second storey extension will look like completed. This includes a two dimensional floorplan, elevations of the exterior and finally an internal 3D furnished viewing of the newly created spaces.