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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Designing Your Floor Plan

When it comes to designing your home from scratch or adding to your existing floor plan, it’s important to be practical regarding functionality, space and lifestyle. You need consider many factors before you submit it to the council and your builder starts work. Here are five mistakes to avoid when designing a floor plan.


Not planning for your lifestyle

Make sure you design your house with your lifestyle in mind. If you love entertaining, consider open plan living and a seamless inside/outside transition. If you will be working from home, you will need a separate office space.


Not planning for the future

If you are designing this floor plan for your “forever home”, you will want your home to grow as your family does. This means planning for the future. Including a separate living area and study space will benefit children as they get older and need to study. Also, make sure you don’t underestimate the amount of bathrooms you will need as your children get older as it could cause gridlock in the morning routine.


Not incorporating storage

Every household needs storage, but it is often an overlooked element when designing a new home. A butler’s pantry, large linen cupboard or large garage are all great storage ideas for the modern home. Recognising which areas you will be using the most is a great start when incorporating storage into your floor plan.


Not considering your home’s orientation

To get the best from natural light and heat, your home should be facing towards the north as this can help reduce your electricity and heating bills. You should also be considering window position for certain rooms. Those large double bay windows in the master bedroom might not be so ideal for privacy if your bedroom is street-facing. you also need to consider eaves to help shade windows in summer.


Not considering furniture

Lastly, furniture. Remember to allocate space for your existing furniture when you’re doing a floor plan. You don’t want to suddenly realise that your beds don’t leave much room on either side after they’re in their allocated rooms. Buying new furniture is expensive, and you don’t want to end up buying new furniture because your existing pieces don’t fit in your new home.


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