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How To Choose The Right Home Extension Builder

How to choose a builder for an extension

It’s always exciting once you’ve decided that you’re going to extend your home, especially if your family is growing and you need more space for little ones on the way. Plus, any creative idea that you’ve come up with can be used to improve the value of your home.

When searching for an extension builder in Melbourne, there are certain things to look for to ensure that you’ll be using a credible, professional and reliable renovations company.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right home extension builder:

  • Recommendations


As the saying goes, “word of mouth is priceless”. Ask your friends or family who have completed a home extension about their experience to see if you should go with the company they used. You can always trust what real people have to say. If you’ve found a particular company that you’d like to use, read any testimonials on their website to explore their previous projects.

  • Reviews


In this day and age of online searches, it makes finding the right extension building company far easier than ever before. What’s more, you can see the ratings of companies, that come with online reviews of customers telling of their experience. Do a search and see which company has positive reviews and a higher rating. Often reading through the reviews will give you great insight into the style of business that the company conducts.

  • What to look for


To see if the company you’re looking at would be best for you, look or ask for the following:

  • A portfolio of previous completions
  • Any qualifications, certification and industry awards
  • An outline of the design and build process so it fits within your plans
  • A time period of how long they expect to take to complete your extension
  • Do they have the necessary registrations and insurances in place?
  • Is the builder a member of the Master Builders Association or HIA? (Industry affiliations are important as these bodies offer training and guidance to builders and show a professional approach)


Finally, when asking how to choose a builder for an extension there is one very important point to bear in mind is that the cost will vary and is purely dependant on your project and the work required. You should only receive ‘ballpark’ in the initial stages before drilling down on a more accurate quote once you’ve had a lengthy discussion.

Your builder should be honest and upfront about costs and exclusions to the proposed works. Work with your builder to ensure your budget can achieve what you are wanting from your house extension.

With this arsenal of information, you’re guaranteed to choose the right home extension builder for your upcoming renovation.

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