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How To Find The Right Builder For Your Home Extension

Get a great builder for your home extension

Choosing a builder is a lot like choosing a new car; if you get it wrong you’re stuck with the results for a long time to come.

Thankfully, unlike the perfect automobile, there’s an easy way to find the right builder for your home extension. Look for these assurances and accreditations, and you’ll end up with the builder of your dreams.

If you need home renovation and extension builders, Melbourne’s best can be found at Supa Group. Get started with a free design consultation.

Find a builder who guarantees a fixed price and completion date

If you’ve ever watched Grand Designs, you know that home extensions can turn nightmarish when the wrong builder is involved.

  • • Behind schedule: Inexperienced builders can miscalculate how long a job will take. The build can get behind schedule, dragging on for months (even years). This can seriously impact your family’s quality of life.
  • • Budget blowouts: Once the timeline gets derailed, the costs starts to skyrocket. Not to mention the possibility of having to go back and pay for reworks if the work is sub standard.


Supa Group, on the other hand, is a trustworthy and experienced master builder. After an in-depth consultation, and careful perusal of the design plans, our team commits to a fixed timeline.

Make sure the builders are experienced in home extensions

experienced builders in melbourne

Trusted and experienced house renovation builders will always deliver quality work. But there’s more to a home extension than just technical know-how. Builders also need to be aware of all the relevant regulations, and know how to complete all the relevant paperwork for your specific local council.

It’s also vital that your builder provides a safe work environment. Second storey extensions come with particular safety risks that must be mitigated through the use of adequate fall protection, and there are a host of other safety aspects that need to be considered.

Supa Group has got the experience to get the job done right and on time. We’ve been doing business in Melbourne for over 40 years, so there is nothing we haven’t seen before.

Check the builders for the relevant accreditation

The right builder for your home extension will have the relevant industry qualifications and accreditation. Supa Group Constructions are proud to be counted as members of these groups:

  • • Master Builders Association of Victoria: To be a master builder, members must undergo strict checks, and keep to the highest standards.
  • • Housing Industry Association: The official body of the home building industry in Australia.


Look for examples of the builder’s previous home extensions

A good builder will be proud of his work, and will be happy to show you examples of completed projects. At Supa Group Constructions, we’ve put our builds on our website for all to see. Have a look at our:


Attend a free design consultation

free consultation for renovations

Supa Group offers a complementary meeting with a design consultant for prospective clients. As you get started on your journey, it gives us the opportunity to offer advice and guidance. Plus, you can ask us any questions you might have, face to face.

As part of the consultation, we look at:

  • • Your home’s existing condition
  • • Potential planning constraints like height limits and site coverage
  • • The way your family want to live in your home during the extension


From there, we can start to put together a concept plan of what your home might look like.

Pick builders who have a direct relationship with the designer

To get your home extension just right, you need a builder who understands your vision. There’s nothing worse than a miscommunication that derails an entire project. That’s why we ensure that the builders at Supa Group have a direct relationship with the design consultants.

After the consultation session, we always move on to the rendering of a 3D model. We want the designer, the builder, and (most importantly) you and your family, to visualise clearly how the home will look once the job has been completed.

Before materials get ordered, and before hammer meets nail, this step in the process guarantees that everybody is on the same page.

So, when you’ve finished the consultation process, you’ll know:

  • • Exactly how the home will look
  • • How much it will cost
  • • How long it will take


Supa Group has 40 years experience as extension builders. Melbourne residents can contact us to find out more, or get started with a free design consultation.