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How To Keep Your Home Secure During The Renovation Process

The security and safety of your home and all of your valuables during a renovation is an important consideration. Many of our clients opt to live in the home while the renovations are in progress, so this adds a level of security due to the owner’s presence. Nonetheless, your home is now a construction site and relatively unsecured, and homeowners are not necessarily around all the time.

This aspect of the renovation should be discussed at the pre-commencement meeting so that all parties understand what is required to enhance security.

Pets are also a concern while trades are on site and their safety also needs to be considered.

Your most valuable possessions should be taken offsite, or locked away securely. An assessment of this needs to be made before construction starts.

The delivery of building materials, fixtures and appliances are also a target for opportunistic thieves. Having these items stored out of the line of site from the street is important.

 Here are four easy security measures you could put in place to keep your home and its contents safe and secure during a renovation.

  1. Install portable secure storage on the premises

If space allows, a temporary secure mobile storage facility installed in your front or backyard is a convenient way to store your possessions. Your belongings can be quickly and easily moved back into your home once the renovations are completed.

  1. Rent self-storage

If you do not have adequate space for portable storage on your property, another solution is to rent a self-storage facility for the short term. These are secure storage facilities that allow you access to your belongings whenever you require them. Everyday items that can be stored include furniture, furnishings and appliances.

  1. Install a security system

At each stage of the renovation, you can change your security system to suit your needs. Sensor lights will increase visibility on your home at night if you have unwanted visitors.

  1. Employ a reputable builder

Reputable builders will employ reputable trades. For example at Supa Group many of our subcontractor trades have worked for our company for many years. We know who our trades are and their track record for honesty and reliability.


Homeowners are advised to inform their home insurance provider that they are about to undertake renovations to the property and to ensure that they are well-covered for damages or loss from a burglary that may occur during the renovation period.

Hiring a reliable builder to carry out renovations on your home is one of the first security measures to put in place. Supa Group Constructions offer a professional, reliable and customer-centric home renovations service in Melbourne. Contact us for more information on our extension and renovation services.