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Love Thy Neighbour

The suburbs of Melbourne are increasingly being developed. Lot sizes dont get any bigger but the footprint of homes and multi unit developments mean greater site coverage and impingment on neighbours boundaries. Think of all the development that goes on in existing suburbs like Northcote, Thornbury, Fairfield and Alphington.

The process of building can involve demolition of existing structures and the removal of soil as well the use of heavy machinery. All care is taken by the Building Supervisor to maintain the integrity of neighbouring buildings, paths and gardens but there is always the possibility that damage can occur.

This is where a Dilapidation Report becomes essential.

This is a report that is carried out by an independent building consultant on behalf of the builder to record the condition of a neighbouring property prior to construction. It contains concise notes, photographs, diagrams and measurements which indicate the exact conditions prior to works commencing. In preparing this report, access may be required to the neighbour’s property.

A Dilapidation Report is not mandatory unless requested by a Building Surveyor, so it is usually left to the discretion and experience of the Building Manager to determine the impact your project may have on neighbouring properties. The builder is responsible for any damage incurred to a neighbour during construction and would be required to reinstate back to original condition.

This report is like an insurance policy but may be extremely valuable in helping avoid messy disputes.

Image from delapidation report – Yarraville

Image from delapidation report Yarraville

Yarraville neighbour’s garage showing existing damage

Yarraville neighbour’s garage showing existing damage










The photos above from a job in Yarraville were taken as part of a Dilapidation Report where the neighbour’s property, specifically the garage was built to the boundary line. Careful notes of existing conditions such as cracks, existing damage to the rendering and also internal conditions of garage was recorded.