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Occupational Health and Safety and your Renovation

Accidents on building sites, commercial and residential are over represented in workplace incidents that result in death or serious injury. Of all industries, in 2012 building had the third highest number of total worker deaths behind transport and agriculture.

The main causes of death or serious injury in the building industry relate to:

  • Long term contact with chemicals or substances
  • Incidents with plant & equipment
  • Falls from heights
  • Electrocution
  • Collapses

Then there are the myriad of other issues that can be encountered on site that can cause injury:

  • Conflict with power tools
  • Unclean and unsafe sites
  • Objects falling from above
  • Chemical hazards

Supa Group have a formal OH & S policy that has to be observed by all staff, subcontractors, suppliers and, importantly our clients. Every job has a formal site induction and we have a formalised system of site checks to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

There are various strategies that can be used to reduce the risk of injury on building sites:

  • Proper communication and consideration of risks by all stakeholders
  • The use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment
  • Physical barriers, such as covers and buntings around excavations
  • Scaffold for fall protection
  • Installation of switchboards with RCD’s before construction

If you are considering a renovation or extension to your property you need to carefully consider your builders credentials in this regard. These measures add to the cost of the project but it is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved including the client.

OHS in action – Ladder Safety 1

OHS in action – Ladder Safety 2

OHS in action – Ladder Safety 3

Images showing the securing of ladder for accessing the new upper floor extension at a work site in Bellfield.








The Images below shows the scaffolding that has been erected to prevent falls whilst working on the upper floor extension in Blackburn. Scaffolding should only be erected or altered by someone with a scaffolding license.

Blackburn Second Storey Extension Scaffhold 1

Blackburn Second Storey Extension Scaffhold 2

Blackburn Second Storey Extension Scaffhold 3











Test and Tag is a strategy which minimises the risk of electrical shock to workers. Each piece of equipment is inspected, electrically tested, and then tagged (labelled) at regular intervals. Below is image of equipment on a work site in Blackburn.

Test and Tag labels.