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Should You Get A Home Office Extension?

Everything you need to know about planning a home office extension

Not so long ago, working from home was unimaginable for most people. The office was an integral part of their working life, and few had imagined a future in which that space would become outdated. How times have changed!

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, most workplaces across the world have transitioned to support remote working arrangements. In many cases, it looks like there’s no going back. Remote work has become the norm for many occupations, like:

Marketing professionals

Public servants

Call centre operators


And that’s just to name a handful. With the changes to how people are living and working, it’s no wonder that so many people are now booking in for home office extensions. Read on to find out more about what is involved in getting a new office renovation at your home.

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How a home office can make working from home easier

There are certain challenges to working from home. Compared to a professional office, people struggle with things like:

Getting distracted

Staying motivated

Separating work and home life

These issues can become even more intense when a worker has a large or demanding family life. When other people are around, getting work done in the kitchen or living room can be next to impossible.

A home office allows you to cut yourself off from the people you live with (in the nicest way possible). It means you have the convenience of working from home, without simultaneously getting distracted by those you live with.

Is it better to get a home extension, or a new home?

Working around the kitchen table is a romantic notion. In the past, you may have been able to enjoy the comforts of your own home for one or two days a week, allowing you to spend time with the kids, or simply run errands. Unfortunately, it’s not a long term solution.

man working at kitchen bench

Many workers and homeowners today are faced with a choice — to buy and move, or extend their existing home. Moving to a new home with more space means an entire upheaval of the current living situation. It will probably mean moving out of the area you love, and may even require changing schools. It will also come with a range of costs, including:

Marketing costs for the sale of the existing home

Moving costs

New furniture to fill out new spaces

Homeowners should take home office extensions into serious consideration. It’s a surprisingly affordable process and can add both value and functionality to a property. If you love your present address and are committed to your property, a home office extension is an especially appealing alternative to selling and moving to a new home.

Should you get a ground floor or second storey office extension?

We recommend factoring in the home office into the plan for a complete home extension. This was, you can add space and style to your home with new living areas and bedrooms, while adding utility as an added benefit. There are many different kinds of home office extension. For example:

Ground floor extension: You could expand the size of your home and add an additional room for your office work.

Second storey extension: By building upward, you’ll get the space you need without eating into your backyard.

Which of these options is better for you? The kind of home office extension that best suits you will depend on a number of variables:

Budget: The cost of a home office extension is contingent upon many things, like materials, labour, and the amount of time the job will take.

Expected use: An office for personal use will need to be a different size and style to an office which also hosts customers and colleagues.

Property location: Some homes have unique options for home office renovations. For example, a property located on a corner block renovated to include an additional entrance, one for business and one for home life.

A home office extension can increase the value of your home

With the increased demand for home offices, an office extension will increase the value of your home. You can even have the office built to larger dimensions, effectively adding another bedroom (and thousands of dollars) onto the value of your property.

Looking to improve your home with a ground for or second storey home office extension? Let our qualified team of designers and builders improve your property to the benefit of your work and home life. We can kick start the process with a free design consultation.