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Single Storey Vs Double Storey Extensions – What To Consider

You are a small family now, but you just got the news that another bundle of joy is on the way and you need more room in the house. You have spent years saving up and now you can finally do those renovations you want. The thing is, which kind of extension is best? Should you go double storey or just extend on your single storey? Let’s take a look at which might suit you and your budget.

Double/Two Storey Extensions:

The Pros:

  • These can usually be built onto any part of the existing building.
  • Your living space increases a lot and gives you more options for the different rooms in your house.
  • Two-storey extensions give you more space downstairs and upstairs.
  • Upstairs space allows you to move bedrooms to the second level and create more privacy.
  • By moving rooms upstairs, you can now extend the kitchen and the dining room if you want to have more space in those areas.
  • You gain a more impressive street appearance that makes your property more attractive to buyers.
  • A double storey adds immense value to a property, which will greatly benefit you when you need to sell your house.
  • Depending on the topography, you can get great views
  • You can save precious outdoor space for more garden.

The Cons:

  • Overlooking issues with neighbours
  • You need to consider height and side setback limits
  • Not suitable for houses built on a waffle pod slab

Single Storey Extensions

The Pros:

  • This is a simple extension that can be built onto any part of that is attached to one or more sides of the existing building, depending on setbacks.
  • Your living area is expanded and you can add another room such as a bedroom, bathroom or even extend the lounge or kitchen.
  • Single storeys are simpler to build than double storeys as there is less scaffolding and fall protection needed.
  • Single storeys have less engineering requirements.
  • A typical single storey is usually more affordable than double storeys and can be a simple solution to a space problem.

The Cons:

  • You lose out on adding more value to your property with potential buyers.
  • You don’t have as much space to work with as you would with a double storey so you may have to move if you expand the family further.

Sometimes site and planning constraints dictate which option is best. Block size is also an important consideration.

At the end of the day, it always best to consider your long-term plans, as this will be a key determining factor in your final decision. If you want a bigger family and don’t want to move anytime soon, then consider saving for a double storey. On the other hand, if you ‘re not looking to spend too much, but desperately need the extra space, then a single storey is more affordable and quicker.

Supa Group specialises in both ground floor and double story extensions, but roughly 70% of all our extensions are double story. If you need more information about extending your property, get in touch with us anytime.

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