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The Benefits Of Using A Design And Build Company to Extend Your Home.

The decision to extend and renovate your home has been made. The next step is deciding whether to go with an Architect or choose a Design & Build Company.

So at this early stage, what is the most important factor to understand? The answer to this is simple- what can we achieve given site and budget constraints for how much cost?

Supa Group Constructions is a Design & Build company specialising in residential ground and second storey extensions.

In brief, a Design and Build Company is a marriage of both worlds resulting in a single entity that provides design and construction services to deliver a project. It is a team working together from start to finish offering a simple approach to construction with flexibility and best value solutions.

It is ideal for clients who are looking for a company that will not only provide them with a well-designed and quality built extension, but more importantly alleviate the stress by taking care of the project completely.

The first step involves discussing requirements, design and budget. Most people at this stage have a fair idea of what they are hoping to achieve and ultimately want to know whether it is achievable and will work within their budget.

This is a major point of difference when comparing an architect to a Design/Build company. With an architect there can be a significant financial commitment by a client without even knowing what the final cost of the project is.

A Design and Build company brings extensive knowledge and experience in the area you are building. With their familiarity of Council regulations and permits, any issues will be identified and addressed before plans are completed.

Clients get to see their Design in 3D, which provides immeasurable reassurance of how the newly created spaces will look and blend with existing.  The company also assists the client with selection of materials and finishes to be used or installed during construction like windows, doors, flooring and mouldings.

A single Contract is used for both the Design and Construction. This not only saves time and money but also promotes a smooth process from start to finish. Besides being entirely responsible for overseeing your project, the added benefit of using a Design Build company is a scheduled management plan from concept to completion, guaranteeing work is completed on time.

Supa Group Extensions with over 44 years of experience as a Design Build company even offers a fixed price and fixed completion date as part of the contractual obligation. That way you can be confident of avoiding budget overruns.

Keeping all aspects of the project ‘in house’ ensures enhanced communication between client, designer and builder which is vital to a successful working relationship. A design build company’s team are constantly working with each other, so budget overruns happen less frequently. It’s the one stop shop at its best.

There are many benefits in using a Design & Build Company for extending your home. If you are interested in finding out more then please contact Supa Group Extensions.


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