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The Importance of Dial before you Dig

As experts in the field of construction we are fortunate to be kept informed on the ever changing standards within construction. We are also regularly updated on the free services available for both industry professionals and the general public to assist with the design and construction process.

It is our duty as professional builders to inform the consumer what is readily available to assist with the research when choosing to buy, build, extend or renovate.

A free and very useful service worth accessing prior to the commencement of any construction works is Dial before you dig. (www.1100.com.au).

It is a fast and simple registration process to access this free service which only requires a valid email address. Upon registering property searches can be carried out to identify underground services within an around the subject site. However it is a guide only, if services are found within or near the site further investigation is needed. This must be carried out by the architect, building designer or builder to ensure the proposed works will not adversely affect the underground assets.

In having such information available prior to the commencement of all works will allow you to consider the location of the services when designing and obtain all necessary consents prior to the commencement of works. The appointed architect, building designer or builder can assist further to ensure the design complies with all current and relevant standards.

As a minimum to benefit all parties involved prior to any works being carried out on site, all underground services must be identified. A Dial before you Dig (www.1100.com.au) search will ensure all assets are identified and protected thus ensuring no accidents or disruptions occur to the services.