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The Modern Kitchen

How do we define the modern kitchen?

Back in the day, the design and location of kitchens was determined by social class. A wealthy upper- class family typically had servants, and kitchens in mansions were built as separate rooms located behind the main living and dining areas. The kitchen remained in the service area, divorced from eating and social areas.

Industrialization, the rise of the middle class and the introduction of television and internet has dragged the kitchen out of the dark ages. Cooking no longer had the stigma of a domestic chore for women, when Julia Child took television by storm in the 60’s introducing fine French cooking to the Americans. Julia’s pioneering ways has indelibly influenced food culture over the last 50 years and inspired our love affair with cooking shows. Today’s kitchen reflects these social changes and trends.

The modern kitchen is now the hub of the family home where everyone congregates. Walls have been knocked down fusing the kitchen, dining and living area into a large open family friendly space. Today the focus is given to creating and designing kitchens that suit the families individual needs and lifestyle.

Before renovating your kitchen or home, evaluate what you like and dislike about your current kitchen and living areas. Consider your lifestyle and how it influences or dictates your needs and requirements. Below are some examples of Kitchen layouts that have been popular in our clients home extension.

There was also a very practical reason why kitchens were separate to the home. They often caught fire so this separation protected the main residence.

L-Shaped Kitchens

This L shape kitchen which was designed as part of a ground floor extension in Box Hill consisted of a central island, great for today’s multi-purpose kitchens. This layout worked well as space was not an issue.  This client wanted the sink to be in front of the window and wanted the Oven, Fridge and Pantry to be in close proximity for ease when preparing and cooking.

L Shaped Kitchen


I-Shaped Kitchens

This single galley kitchen formed part of a renovation in Northcote (also known as the I-shaped kitchen) met the client’s brief of simplicity and was ideal as the use of space was limited. The sink is in the island bench and opposite the Oven/Cooktop.  The Fridge, Oven/Cooktop and Sink placement follows the triangle principal for ease when preparing food and cooking.

I Shaped Kitchen


U-Shaped Kitchens

This U-shaped kitchen was the ideal choice for this avid cook. Its design keeps everything within easy reach. This layout included a peninsula. The refrigerator is generally on a wall outside the U, accessible but not encroaching on counter space. Below is a great example of the U-shaped kitchen which was part of a renovation completed for a client in Surrey Hills.

U Shaped Kitchen