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Upgrading Your Melbourne Home To Meet The Needs Of A Growing Family

If you’re always tripping over Barbies and Monster Cars, stepping on Lego pieces (the agony!) or competing with FurReal Friends for space on the couch, it might be time to upgrade your home.

As your children grow, it starts to feel as though your house has shrunk and you’re probably considering an extension. To make sure you accommodate everyone’s needs – not just now – but in the future too, you need to consider the following before you get any plans drawn up:

Separate Spaces

Different areas go a long way towards ensuring harmony in the home. A formal living room will allow you to entertain friends or relax after a long day at work and keep you separated from the craziness of the kids’ rumpus room.


Your family’s needs will change over the years and you don’t want to keep renovating. That’s where smart design comes in. A rumpus room can be converted as your children get older from a playroom to a teenager’s retreat. Sliding doors can be used to create a larger space or divide an existing one.

Enough bathrooms

Research has proven that Australians LOVE to shower, which means loads of time spent in bathrooms that will only increase when your kids hit their teens. Make sure your plans include enough bathrooms to keep everyone happy.

A second storey?

While you may want to be close to your kids’ bedrooms when they’re little, you may change your mind when they develop a taste for loud music and video games. It’s not a bad idea to have a master suite on both floors so you can move upstairs in a few years. The spare suite also makes for an ideal guest bedroom.

Make it a zoned area downstairs away from stairs. Kids up, Grandparents down.

Functional areas

Not only will building a highly functional kitchen with enough powerpoints and great lighting make your life easier, it will make feeding your family a pleasure. Get the best from your kitchen by integrating your appliances and creating plenty of storage. It will add significant value to your home.

In addition, there’s no overstating the value of a well-designed laundry. Let’s be honest, no-one loves doing laundry, but having ample storage space, clear surfaces and good lighting makes it a lot more bearable.


Adequate storage space will ensure that your house doesn’t look cluttered and untidy. You need smart storage options for toys, linen, heaters in summer and so on, so don’t forget to include more than you think you’ll need. You will always fill it!

The home extension builder

The most important thing you need to think about is who will do the work of renovating or extending your Melbourne home. You need a quality contractor with a proven reputation who will guide you through every step of the renovation process.

When you utilise the services of Supa Group to upgrade your most valuable asset, you’ll be assured of professional, award-winning and industry-leading service. Get in touch today.

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