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See how we handle house extensions

At Supa Group, we have a streamlined process for home extensions in Melbourne. Our team manages all the construction work from start to finish, ensuring you get a great result on time and on budget.

See our building stages in action or talk to our team for advice about your house extension or renovation.

1. Demolition

The first stage of the house extension process.

To create your dream home, we need to get rid of anything that’s in the way of the new design. For a ground floor extension, this usually involves demolition and removal of unwanted sections of the existing house and clearing the area in preparation for laying new foundations.

2. Base Stage


We clear the area, install underground services, and lay the concrete slab or footings for stumps if applicable.

Creating new foundations for a ground floor extension involves some final clearing and levelling of the area, installing underground plumbing and services, and laying the concrete slab or footings. Calculating the correct floor level is critical in obtaining an even and seamless floor from the existing house to the new extension.

3. Framing


We put up walls and the extension starts to take shape.

This stage is the beginning of blending the existing building with the new extension. The timber framing is constructed for the interior and exterior walls and we also install the pre-fabricated roof trusses.

4. Lock up


We make the building weatherproof and lockable.

The lock up stage includes cladding the external walls, fixing the roof, laying the floor, and installing the windows and external doors. This stage is very important as it means your home will no longer be open to the elements.

5. Plastering


We insulate, then install plastering, and the internal walls and ceilings take shape.

Plastering the interior of your extension will help make your extension look and feel like part of your existing house. At this stage, your extension looks less like a building site and more like a home.

6. Fixing


We add all the internal details and touches which feel like home.

The fixing stage includes adding all internal cladding, architraves, skirting, doors, built-in shelves, cabinets and cupboards. We also waterproof wet areas and install fixtures like showers, baths, basins, troughs, and sinks.

7. Completion


We add the final touches, clean up, and your home is ready for handover.

With any house extension, there are also little bits and pieces that need to be finished off to make it feel like home. We take the necessary time and care to ensure none of the details are missed.

8. The final result

Your new extension is ready for you to move in and enjoy.

At this stage, the project is finished and you can enjoy your new and improved home. See what our satisfied clients Peter and Louise had to say about their new extension:

“Your Construction Team we wish to also sincerely thank in meeting our expectations. The pleasant demeanour, accommodation of questions and assistance through the process has provided us with a feeling of a priority client which I’m sure this attitude is throughout your Business which on reflection provided us with confidence and reassurance.”

– Peter and Louise


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