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Enhance the charm of your weatherboard home

Weatherboard homes landed on the architectural scene in the 1850s, when the invention of steam-driven mills made them an inexpensive but effective cladding. And yet, since then, they’ve become a piece of historical charm among the sea of modern apartments and houses springing up around the inner suburbs. The character filled streets of Ascot Vale are an example of the timeless elegance and versatility of weatherboard homes.

If you own a weatherboard home in Melbourne, and want to add space and style to your home, don’t stress. You can renovate so your family has more room to grow without disrupting the charm of your weatherboard house.

At Supa Group, we collaborate with owners of weatherboard homes to extend living spaces and bedrooms, as well as outdoors areas and kitchens. Speak with our expert design consultants, and we’ll help you discover what needs to stay, go, or change in your home.

Key features of weatherboard homes

Weatherboard homes in Melbourne feature streamlined, demure facades which speak of comfortable charm all throughout. There are many styles of weatherboards — square edge, round edge, notched, and block fronted are some examples seen through the suburbs of Melbourne.

Simple design

Weatherboard homes were constructed modestly, sometimes with little to no ornamentation — for many, less is more! It's this simplicity which makes them a charming addition nestled against more ornate homes.

Hipped roofs

Generally, the roofs, usually made of corrugated iron, slope down towards the walls, creating a gentle incline.

Average lifespan

Supa Group has worked on weatherboard homes which are at least 100 years old — featuring the original cladding. So it's apparent that if the boards are maintained, this style of architecture can last for decades.

From simple feather edging to shiplap, the variation in weatherboard profiles creates distinctive styles.

Achieve a spacious home with a weatherboard home extension in Melbourne

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About Supa Group

Just like our home extensions and renovations, Supa Group has stood the test of time. We were founded in 1974 by Frank Way, laying a solid groundwork of commitment and service to his staff, subcontractors, and most importantly, his clients — families seeking to remain in the home they know and love.

Now owned and operated by Neil Gardiner, Supa Group’s original commitment has remained the same. Today, our clients are still offered the peace of mind that comes with hiring a builder who takes projects from conception to completion.

Our reputation as a multi-award-winning master builder is built upon a foundation of commitment to quality. We are proud to deliver best possible outcomes for our clients, and we want to do the same for you. Contact us for a free design consultation, and begin building towards the future.

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How do I know if my weatherboard home has a heritage overlay?

Many weatherboard homes were first created in the 1850s — pre-World War II. So, there is a strong chance your home may have a heritage overlay. This means you won’t be able to make changes or renovate your home unless you check with your local council first. Only specific changes can be made, and you might need to apply for a permit to renovate even a small part of your home.

The use of weatherboards as a cladding material lessened in the 1960s when brick veneers became fashionable. But there are examples of 1950s weatherboard homes in certain suburbs that are subject to heritage protection.

At Supa Group, we have plenty of experience in meeting local council requirements and applying for relevant permits. If you’re not sure if you’re home has a heritage overlay, we can come assess your home for you. We’ll work around council requirements however we can, so you can achieve the home of your dreams.

What are the stages in a weatherboard home extension?

All Supa Group renovations and extensions follow the same process, including weatherboard homes.

  1. The Design Phase: We’ll work with you to design the extension of your weatherboard home. We even offer a Free Design Consultation to help get the ball rolling.
  2. The Contract Preparation Phase: We’ll collate the relevant documents and permits, and make sure everything is signed in the right places.
  3. The Build Phase: We’ll get to work on your dream home designs. We guarantee all our work for 6 years.

Every renovation and extension is different. If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with Supa Group. We’ll let you know timeframes for your project, and give you a quote estimate.

Can I live in my weatherboard home while you are renovating?

As long as you still have access to amenities like your bathroom and kitchen, as well as your bedroom, you can remain in your home while renovations take place. However, if construction is likely to be disruptive and loud, or involves these amenities, you may need to vacate your home for the duration of the build.

How much will my weatherboard home renovation cost?

The cost of renovations will depend on the size and scale of your dream designs. In most cases, a ground floor extension costs more than a second storey extension because we have to extend on the foundation of your home.

Having said that, home extensions are affordable when you choose the right company to carry out the works. At Supa Group, we keep costs low and manage every part of the project from start to finish. To get an idea of how much it may cost to renovate your weatherboard home, book a Free Design Consultation today.

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We are very happy in our new home and we would like to thank all the staff at supagroup.

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